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The Maserati History

We are passionate about cars at San Diego Prestige, which means having a Maserati in our stable is a prerequisite! Whether you’re a motorsport enthusiast or you simply appreciate precision-crafted automobiles, you owe yourself a drive in a Maserati. Our exotic car rental program in San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas is designed to give our clients a taste of what it is like to pilot the world’s finest cars, and Maserati’s current lineup is more than deserving of inclusion in our fleet.

If you want to experience the thrill of driving Maserati’s newest coupe, the Gran Turismo, or you would like to get behind the wheel of the latest version in Maserati’s long line of sports sedans, we can help. We are dedicated to pleasing our clients and we will work with you to ensure you are satisfied with your rental. To schedule a reservation for a Maserati exotic car rental in San Diego, Los Angeles or Las Vegas, please contact our Southern California office today!

Maserati was founded in Bologna, Italy in 1914 and the company saw great success in motorsport throughout the 1920s and 1930s. After World War II came to an end, Maserati again began manufacturing sports cars and racing competitively. In the 1950s, the great Juan Manuel Fangio, one of the greatest racecar drivers of all time, raced for Maserati and proved the company’s worth on the track. In 1957, Fangio even won the world championship in the Maserati 250F, after completing what many Formula One fans believe to be the greatest drive in F1 history at the Nurburgring. It was this early success in motorsports that solidified the Maserati name on the world stage.

The 1960s and early 1970s bared witness to multiple company owners and a variety of models, but one could argue that there was a lack of focus as a result. In the mid-1970s, Alessandro de Tomaso became the head director of the company and launched vehicles like the Quattroporte III, a V8 powered, rear-wheel drive sports sedan to compete with the likes of Mercedes Benz. Many believe that under De Tomaso, Maserati experienced its rebirth. The 1980s saw the introduction of a new line of front-engine, rear-drive coupes and sedans like the Maserati Bi-turbo and the Ghilbi II, far different than their mid-engined predecessors. Purchased by Fiat in the 1990s, Maserati has been shaped into the company it is today, with models like the Grand Sport coupe, since replaced by the Gran Turismo, and the Quattroporte sports sedan. If you are interested in a Maserati exotic car rental in San Diego, Los Angeles or Las Vegas, we would be pleased to help. The trident grille is back and better than ever!

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