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The Spyker History

Spyker started out as a coach builder in 1880. They manufactured the Golden carriage which is used by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands still today.

Jacobs and Hendrik Spijker started building automobiles in 1900 when they introduced a 2 cylinder motor with a 3 or 5 horsepower options. In 1903, four cylinder motors were introduced along with a six cylinder with 60 horsepower.

In 1907, Hendrik Spijker died which later lead to the company’s bankruptcy.

In 1915, the company was taken over by new owners which changed the name to: Nederlandsche Automobiel en Vliegtuigfabriek Trompenburg, a Dutch Automobile and Aircraft Company. During World War 1 (WW1) they manufactured Airplanes and Engines, but later went bankrupt in 1922. They were later acquired by their distributor in Britain who changed the name to: Spyker Automobielfabriek.

After lowering their prices and manufacturing a two ton truck called the C2, and a C4 car, they went bankrupt in 1926 after running out of funds. In 1999, Spyker Cars was founded; this was an unrelated company which carried the same brand name. Today, Spyker has three great models of cars out called the C8, the C12, and the D12.

The Spyker C8 is equipped with an Audi 4.2 Liter V8 engine producing 400 horsepower. The C8 Spyder T is the twin turbo model with 525 horsepower. If that isn’t enough power for you the C8 Double 12S has a 600 horsepower option. The engine features 4 overhead camshafts, five valves/cylinder, and 8 throttle bodies.

The interior is astounding with the design of an aircraft cockpit. Spyker its own race team which compliment their cars performance and endurance capabilities. They have participated in numerous races including the 12 hours of Sebring, 24 hours of Le Mans, and FIA GT races.


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