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At San Diego Prestige, we are proud of our exotic car rental program. Serving San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, we have assembled our fleet not only based on what we feel are some of the world’s finest cars, but also to meet the stringent demands of our clients! To truly give you the ability to pilot some of the world’s most magnificent machines, we knew we needed to assemble a diverse and spectacular collection of cars. Though we are always looking to expand our fleet, we are delighted with the cars in our stable and we are confident that you will be able to find a car in our collection that suits your needs and wishes. Whether you are looking for the perfect car to show up to a black tie event in or you want to experience the thrill of a great drive through the mountains of Southern California, our exotic car rental program in San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas is for you.

Our collection includes names like Lamborghini, Maserati, and Ferrari – all names that are known around the world as being synonymous with speed and luxury. These Italian cars have earned their well-deserved reputations and are truly exotic cars – automobiles that combine ultra high performance with the finest luxury interiors. From screaming V10s to howling, high-revving V8 engines, words cannot describe the chill you will feel upon starting one of these precision-crafted machines. We are also pleased to offer our clients the best from Aston-martin, Spyker, and Porsche because we realize that though the Italians may be very good at building exotic cars, they are not the only country that builds exotic cars! At San Diego Prestige, we are passionate about cars and we want everyone to be able to experience the thrill of driving a Ferrari on an empty country road with the top down. That is why we offer our exotic car rental program in San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. If you are a car enthusiast or you know someone who is, what are you waiting for? To schedule a reservation, contact San Diego Prestige today.

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