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Helicopter Rentals | Helicopter tour


At San Diego Prestige, we are happy to offer helicopter tours and rentals, in addition to our many exciting exotic car rental options.

Helicopter Tours and Rentals – San Diego, Southern California

Helicopter Tours and Rentals—San Diego Prestige
Helicopter Tours and Rentals—San Diego Prestige
Helicopter Tours and Rentals—San Diego Prestige

At San Diego Prestige, we are dedicated to helping our customers live the life less ordinary! To accomplish this goal, we offer a taste of the good life at a price that nearly anyone can afford. Our sports car rentals and luxury car rental options allow driving enthusiasts to experience some of the finest cars the motoring world has to offer, and our yacht rentals and charters allow individuals to live the life of luxury, even if only for a day. To further meet our customers’ needs, we are proud to offer helicopter tours and rentals throughout San Diego and Southern California. There is perhaps no greater luxury than driving up to the heliport, stepping foot on the helicopter, and lifting off – and we offer just that!

Experience Southern California in a Whole New Light

See San Diego from a whole new perspective! With our helicopter tours and rentals, you can leave traffic behind and see the city from thousands of feet up. There is no better way to see the many sights that our beautiful state has to offer than by helicopter. Whether you’re jetting up and down the coast or taking a sunset ride over downtown, we are confident that you will find the experience nothing short of amazing. Modern commercial airlines have the miraculous ability to make flying a boring endeavor; a helicopter ride will quickly rekindle your amazement and awe.

We offer a number of different helicopter tours and rental options for residents in San Diego and Southern California. Whether you would like to propose to your spouse, are planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day or a birthday, or simply want to be a tourist in your own town, we can meet your needs. We offer the following:

  • 30-minute helicopter rental
  • 45-minute helicopter rental
  • 60-minute helicopter rental
  • Romantic helicopter tour for two


  • Wine tasting helicopter tour
  • Sightseeing helicopter tour
  • Sunset helicopter tour



We would also be happy to customize a tour around your specific interests. We can arrange nearly any package that you like. Would you like to see the beautiful Cleveland National Forest from the air? How about the stunning vistas of the Anza-Borrego State Park? At San Diego Prestige, we are committed to customer service and will do everything that we can to ensure a satisfying experience for you.

Reserve a Helicopter Tour over San Diego Today

It can be harder and harder to experience something that’s truly unique in this modern day of instantly accessible entertainment. If you want a truly memorable experience that you’ll be talking about for months and years to come, then our helicopter rental options, including breathtaking tours over San Diego and Southern California, are for you! Even the fastest Ferrari can’t quite match the thrill of taking off straight up and maneuvering around as free as a bird. We encourage you to make your reservation today and see for yourself!

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