Audi R8 Spyder

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INTERIOR AMENITIES: CD, Heated Seats, nav/gps, ipod/aux/usb, bluetooth, Black Leather

TRANSMISSION:Automatic/f1 paddles ENGINE: V-8 4.2litre
# of PASSENGERS: 2 # of DOORS: 2 # TOP TYPE: Convertible

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The engineers at Audi have designed a truly visceral driving experience in the R8 Spyder. Without sacrificing beauty in the design, you can feel the carnal power of its voracious V8. Experience a drive like no other Audi has ever birthed; this isn’t your A5. The R8 is on a different level when it comes to performance, edging out our Porsche 911 Carrera with 430hp to the 911’s 400hp, but in piloting this vehicle there is no comparison. Audi combines a racecar feel with flawless comfort, where sports car meets luxury in this easy to maneuver beast. Our R8 Spyder is fully loaded with all the entertainment and navigation options available.

The soft top comes down quickly and efficiently at even up to 31 mph making any surprise sunshine easy to take in. Our V8 model is also lighter weight making it more agile on the streets. What sets the Spyder apart from the coupe is the auditory experience; the proximity of the engine growling with no obstructions. This 4.2-litre V8 has a more dangerous sound than others. Take the top down and feel the edgy sound vibrating through your body as you climb through San Diego’s best mountain roads.

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